At Scholarly we provide a range of services, from academic tuition to grouped workshops. No matter the type of session, we make sure our tutors are more than equipped to deliver it to as high a standard possible. Our tutors are advantageous on the grounds that they are still students, thus at the forefront of education in their chosen field. As well as having recently studied and been examined in the course and achieved outstanding results. Benefits of these are;

  • Easily identify errors and common misconceptions quickly and efficiently
  • Pinpoint modules or units that are of increased difficulty promptly and start preparing students.
  • Students will be naturally more receptive and open-minded as the session is being delivered of someone of a relatable age and experience.

Private Tuition;

These are the most enriching type of sessions. One to one specific dedicated tuition directly targeting any weaknesses and misunderstandings of the student.


This is crucial for confidence building and overtime develops their self-motivation and drive.

These could take place within the comfort of your home, within a local library or an area of comfort of your choice.

You will be assigned a personal tutor, catering to your academic needs as long as you desire.

Small Grouped Tuition;

Small group tuition is a middle ground between a classroom and private tuition – not as busy as the former (as needs of individuals are overlooked), not as private as the latter (where students can’t work alongside peers). It pairs students with similar needs, abilities and experiences.

Some students favour a hands-on learning style whilst others better at visual learning. Some, more gifted at certain aspects of a subject that others struggle with. Not the case with small group tuition. Peers working at a similar ability level and with a synonymous learning style is proven to be influential.

group puzzle

Some thrive when problem-solving alongside others. Students may not comprehend a difficult mathematical equation, when in front of them. But by turning it into a challenge—a race against others or partnering up—it is grasped quicker.

For pupils like this, one-to-one tuition is not as effective as a small group is.

Small group tuition, scheduled for a few nights a week means children are learning more compared to a few hours of allocated school time.

Online Tuition;

We live in the age of technology thus online tuition is very much feasible and practical. These are great for last minute revision tips or misconceptions that needs to be cleared up quickly.

Various mediums can be used to achieve this, Skype, Facetime, Zoom, FaceFlow e.t.c. Some would argue it’s even more convenient than in person tuition. This immediately removes the distance barrier meaning tuition can happen no matter the distance or even time zone!

Just arrange convenient days and time with your tutor.