Q: Are Tutors Vetted?


At Scholarly, we value our vetting and selection process very highly. This means in addition to holding Enhanced Disclosures (DBS), all our tutors are put through a rigorous selection process to make sure they are competent and well equipped with working with students. They need to demonstrate their knowledge and enthusiasm to us, so we can ensure our clients are receiving the highest quality of service. Our tutors also understand the educational challenges faced by our students as well as share in their aspirations.

Having helped over 100’s of students, in many cases spanning 2 generations of families with one-to-one tuition, you can rest assured that our qualified are focused on building the confidence necessary to your child development, so they succeed with ease at every academic milestone.


Q: How do payments work?

Depending on your payment plan/scheme with us, i.e. how often you are renewing your subscriptions, payment methods differ. We have single 1 hour sessions, or monthly bundles. Our monthly bundles encompasses four 1 hour sessions and is cheaper than our single “pay as you go sessisons”, therefore it’s our recommended route. Bundle payments can either be made via our subjects page  however the majority of our payments come from our Direct Debit system. This eases the process for you, the client primarily. We urge parents to subscribe to our direct debit monthly packages which works out better in the long run as opposed to pay as you go sessions.

One standard however is that none of out tutors are to ask for or receive cash payments from clients under any circumstances. We have a 0-tolerance policy on this.

Q: Are there any extra costs?

No. The hourly rate is all-inclusive. If any additional travel costs may be applicable this will be discussed in advance and an arrangement will be come to, there are no hidden costs.

Q: Are there any cancellation fees?

Yes. If a lesson is cancelled without at least a 24-hour notice, the total cost of the lesson will still be incurred without any refunds. We have a strict policy on cancellations and treat them with upmost severity as our tutors specifically set things aside in their working lives to gear up for their sessions.


Q: What are the payment Terms and Conditions?

All payments for sessions should happen at least a minimum of 24 hours before the session begins otherwise the integrity of the session is put at risk it may well very be pushed back. The majority of payments happen online for our packages however there are one off payments for single sessions in which our payment process differs slightly. Contact us to find out more. Any invoice incurred will be subject to a surcharge of 20% plus VAT to cover the collection costs incurred. This surcharge together with all other charges and legal fees incurred will be the responsibility of the customer and will be legally enforceable. The company also reserves the right to take legal action through HM Courts & Tribunals Service. A surcharge of 5% will be levied on all credit card payments. Any credit accrued by a customer for over payment can only be redeemed through tuition time; no refunds whatsoever will be given for over payment.


Q: Peak times of the year

The Christmas and Easter holidays are extremely popular periods for private tuition. The bulk of Public Examinations are sat in the summer term, so Easter is a period of intense revision. To a lesser extent the same applies to the Christmas holidays. As a result of this we implore parents to start planning and preparing on what type of extra tuition their children will receive from at least a month or 2 prior.